Best Method to get a Bigger Penis

Bigger Penis Methods



Best Method to get a Bigger Penis


More and more people are getting interested in going in for penis enlargement these days. Such people have more options thanks to a lot of research in this field. There are penis enlargement pills, pumps, patches, extenders, exercises and surgical options that one can try out in their effort to get a bigger penis. But, one should remember that not all these options will give a permanent improvement in the size of the penis.

So, which is the best option and what should one look for while trying the various options available to them. One factor that matters is what the person is looking for in terms of size improvement and the time one can contribute towards this process. But, the best method is one that gives good results that last for a long time. So, you should be able to identify the method that does not have a clinical testing to provide you the proof of any improvements to the size.


Methods that Provide Temporary Results


Penis Pumps

The use of penis pumps will provide some temporary improvement in the size. But, if care is not exercised in using the pumps, it can lead to traumatic side effects like burst blood vessels in the penis, bruising, abnormal development of curvature of the penis and constant loss of normal erection. This might necessitate the user to again use the pump in between intercourse to regain the lost erection which is very embarrassing.

Due to the potential side effects and results not being permanent, pumps are best avoided in attempting penis enlargement.


Penis Patches

It helps in improvement of the blood flow to the penis during erection. But, the effects it has on improving the size of the penis permanently has not been clinically studied and backed. So, if manufacturers claim to have a penis patch that provides you confirmed results in just some months, it is best to avoid this and try some other proven route to penis enlargement.



Pills work in the similar fashion as penis patches but need to be taken orally. The drawback is that they need to be remembered to be taken daily and you may need up to 3 tablets in a day to give you good results. Again, as in patches there are no studies to back permanent results from taking pills that contain mostly natural ingredients. But, it has been reported that there are many people who have had improvements to their penis size from regular use of pills.


Methods to Provide Permanent Results



Surgery is one option that helps in providing permanent results. But, along with permanent results, many who undergo surgery have reported permanent side effects. Also, not all are satisfied with the results they get from surgery as average size again is only about three fourth inch. This is not enough considering the expenses and the risks involved.



These have been proven by performing various scientific and clinical studies to show permanent improvements to the penis length as well as girth. But, the growth reduces after sometime of beginning the exercise which necessitates changes made to the type and intensity of exercises to continue getting improvements to the size. Also, like with any other exercise, this method depends on the motivational level to perform these exercises regularly.


Traction Device

This is one of the best methods of getting a bigger penis. Of course, it will be more expensive than exercises, but the size gains one will get from using it will make it worthwhile. All that one needs to do is to remember to wear the extender on a regular basis and forget about it. But, since it is an external device many people feel some difficulty and embarrassment to put it on and go on with their day-to-day activities although many become comfortable with it over a period of time.