Is Safe Penis Enlargement Possible And If So How?

1072161_proudMen who are serious about increasing the size of their penis do not want to risk their health.  There have been horror stories of men who tried certain methods, primarily surgical methods, and it resulted in consequences they could not begin to imagine.  Men who went through surgery had complications, had to have series of other surgeries performed to correct complications, had to spend a lot of money, and their sex life as a whole suffered.

Now even though non surgical methods and devices do not pose such a threat, the question becomes is safe penis enlargement possible at all?  It is, but first you need to understand that you should do whatever you can in order to avoid surgery.  Surgery should not be a last resort options, it should be an option at all.

No matter how good the doctor or what promises he or she makes, this is going to be extremely risky for you.  Surgery means an intervention on your body that can cause you to suffer in ways you did not intend to.  The most effective approach to remain safe and to ensure good results if the goal is to increase the size of your penis would be to use penile exercises alongside enhancement pills.

You also have the option of using the pills with a penis extending device in order to get a good result. Now when it comes to using different penile exercises to increase the size of your penis you have to be careful. If you stretch your penis too hard it may make it bigger, particularly if it is done over a long period of time.

However, if you are too rough with the process or you are doing something wrong then you can end up damaging your penis.  The ultimate consequence of this can be impotence, which no man wants. What about using pumps some of you might ask? Penis pumps are not the same as penis extenders.

One is meant to help with a problem, erectile dysfunction, while the other is made for the purpose of making the penis bigger.  Some men though, particular those who have heard others have used it safely and with good results, will try to use a pump rather then a real traction device.  Understand that any results you are going to get with a pump are going to be nothing but short term.

This is because as previously mentioned, pumps are designed to help with erectile dysfunction problems. When your penis is inside one of these pumps and the air is being pumped out, your penis is going to become bigger than what it normally would be.  As soon as you release the vacuum though, your penis is going to return to its normal size and this is going to be a psychological let down.

Permanent penis size gains can be had with pumps though. The thing is this might not be the safest route to go.  Using pumps would require you to place your penis inside of them for far longer periods of time then what is recommended.  These devices are meant to increase circulation for men who have circulation problems that are leading to them having a hard time getting and maintaining an erection.  They were not really meant to be used to increase the size of the penis.

So is safe penis enlargement possible? It is if you are using traction devices that have been created for the purpose of adding length and girth. It is possible if you take the time to learn how to use various penile exercises the right way and do not try to overdo it.  It is possible if you use the right enhancement supplements alongside these exercises so you can see an increased result.

However, when it comes to penis enlargemenrt surgery to make your penis bigger, this should only be an option for those who have a serious problem that is preventing them from having sex altogether.  The inch or so surgery might add to your penis is not worth the risks and the psychological trauma you are risking if something were to go wrong.  Also, insurance is not going to pay for surgery in this department in the majority of cases.