How do I spot a Scam?

Penis Enlargement / Male Enhancement SCAMS?

Many Enlargement Products seem like scams! How do I know which ones are Legitimate?

Well, unfortunately some of the male enhancement products you find online are scams. You must take your time and look at the facts when choosing which method of penis enlargement is right for you. 99% of scams come in the form of UNSOLICITED emails. Unless you signed up for their mailings, just delete and discard offers such as those. Another red flag is if the company doesn’t offer any guarantees.

One of the absolute most important things to look for is whether or not they have a contact number listed. Scam artists will sometimes put a bogus number on their website to look more legit. We suggest you actually call the number they have listed and see if its even real or not.

Legitimate products will also have a testimonial section and list clinical studies as well as doctors who endorse their products.

Another major red flag is if the website looks really cheap or just “thrown together” This usually will tell you someone is in it to make a quick buck, and will probably vanish soon after.


These devices might make you larger temporarily, but they can actually do some real harm to your penis, bursting blood vessels etc… Many people have complained that after prolonged use of penis pumps, their ability to obtain an erection decreased considerably. We suggest you stay far away from penis pumps, because not only are they a scam, they are also dangerous to use!

All the products on have been reviewed by our staff, and are found to be from Legitimate companies with long track records in the industry. Beware of imitations of the products reported on this website, as they are most likely a scam.

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