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Shoe Size vs. Penis Size? Is Their Any Truth To The Whole Penis length And Shoe Size Myth?


I'm pretty sure you have heard many of the myths surrounding a man's penis size in correlation with his shoe size. Some of these myths would include that the size of a man's penis is the same distance as the middle of his eyebrows and the tip of his nose. Some people believe that the size of a man's penis is directly related to how tall the man is. So a lot of women will be very vocal about saying that they want a man who is very tall, figuring that a taller man has a bigger penis. Some people say that a man's penis size is the same length as the distance between his wrist and the tip of his middle finger. So men who have very large hands are usually favored over those who have small hands.

There are even commercials which are very subtle about this fact, such as the Burger King commercial which features a guy with very small hands. The unspoken joke is that the man because he has small hands surely must have a very small penis.

The last but not least is that the size of a man's penis is directly related to his shoe size. So some women will look to see if a man has a big shoe size figuring that the bigger the shoe size is, the bigger his penis must be.

All of these myths are very entertaining, and there are various companies, which will try to play into many of these myths. A lot of men will go out of the way to perpetuate some of these myths because they are trying to secretly advertise to women that they have a big penis. But there have been scientific studies done which show that there is really no correlation between shoe size and penis length. So all of the various myths you have heard are nothing more than misconceptions. But you cannot tell this to a lot of people in this society, because many of them will continue to believe that there is a correlation.

Even though you see sex advertised everywhere in this country, people are still very secretive about sex as well as ashamed to speak of it openly. Granted there are certain people who feel comfortable discussing their sex lives in the presence of friends and others. But this doesn't count for society as a whole. What ends up happening is a lot of bad information is passed around and ultimately this information is seen as the truth. Pretty soon this information becomes so widespread, that people begin to believe it must be true because so many people are saying the same thing.

In this society everyone is trying to look for consistencies as well as patterns where none exist. People do this because they are looking for guarantees; no one wants to be surprised or disappointed. In this society everyone wants to know exactly what they are getting, and they want to be able to measure results before they actually take a risk. Their ability to know certain information before hand makes them feel more secure. And the same thing applies when it comes to a man's penis size and the size of his shoe.



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