Penis Enlargement FAQ’s

Frequently Asked Questions about Penis Enlargement

So is Penis Enlargement at Home really possible?

Believe it or not, penis enlargement is very much achievable in the comforts of your own home. There are actually many options you can choose, and it totally depends on which method you are most comfortable with. The best results come from a combination of Penis extenders and pills, together with penis exercises (which usually come with the purchase of most products).

Which method of Penis Enlargement Works Best?

Once again its a matter of personal preference. We highly recommend using at the very least a penis extender, although other products such as pills work very well as a stand alone. With each of these products you will have to do specific penis stretching exercises to reap the full benefit.

How big will my penis get?

This depends mostly on how well you follow directions and how long you choose to use the various penis enlargement products. Users have reported gains up to 4 inches, however 1.5 inches is more realistic for the average person. Results vary from person to person.

What else do these products help with?

Increased libido, help with premature ejaculation, timing, hardness / fullness, erectile dysfunction (ED), impotence, overall wellbeing, and the list goes on. Refer to each individual product site for more in depth information.

Is it Safe?

All the products on this website are deemed safe to use by the medical community. Refer to each individual website for more information.

Pills and Liquids can make my Penis Bigger? Really???

Yes! They really can! Coupled with the various stretching exercises that come with each product, you can expect to see some quality gains in both length and girth of your penis.

Will my friends and family find out?

Not unless you tell them! The majority of these sites ship their products VERY VERY discreetly, and even charge your credit card payment under a name other than the product in which you purchased.