Top Recommended Penis Extenders

Here are our Top Picks for Penis Extender Devices

vimax-extender-pp#1 – Vimax Extender

Overall Rating: A+

Vimax Extender has just recently started to become more recognized although the first prototype was made back in 1994. This is from the same company that makes Vimax Pills, so we know it’s from a reputable company. It is also clinically proven and endorsed by doctors.

NOTE: The price is now only $99 (New Price introduced in January 2010!) which is $200 less than it was before! , along with a 6 month full money-back guarantee.

The Vimax Extender looks to be VERY promising, with customers reporting an increase of up to 1.5 whole inches in a 4 month period! Correcting the curvature of your penis is made simple aswell. We recommend the Vimax Extender due to the insanely low price along with their 6 month guarantee.

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sizegenetics22#2 – SizeGenetics

Overall Rating: A+

SizeGenetics is a top of the line penis extender, and one of the most recognized penis extenders on the market since 1994. SizeGenetics is a Clinically proven, medical type 1 enlargement device. As you will see on the SizeGenetics Website, many doctors have carried out trials as well as given their full endorsement.

The only negative feedback we have heard about
SizeGenetics has been the price. People who have used SizeGenetics with their Comfort add-on have reported VERY positive experiences and results, so we recommend that when you purchase SizeGenetics you get the Comfort add-on aswell.

When using any penis extender, comfort is the #1 priority! We highly recommend trying SizeGenetics because it is proven to be safe and very effective in increasing penile length, plus the 6 month full money-back guarantee. If price isn’t an issue for you, then SizeGenetics would be our best suggestion for you! Why? Because it works, and it comes with one of the strongest guarantees on the market.

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#3 – Pro Extender System

Overall Rating: A-

Pro Extender -The Pro Extender Penis Extender device is the best choice for increasing penis size. Literally tens of thousands of men in more than 60 countries have used the Pro Extender due to advice given to them by their doctors. Feedback suggests that this penis extender is one of the more comfortable penis extenders on the market.

The results seen by using Pro Extender are amazing. It has been shown to fix curvature of the penis aswell as add some major changes to overall penis size. We highly recommend Pro Extender to anyone that is looking to add size to their penis.

For optimal results, you can opt for the Pro Extender System which includes a few other goodies to get the maximum results such as VigRX Plus , Semenax, and a proper penis exercise manual on CD.  We highly recommend trying the Pro Extender system, although the Pro Extender by itself will most likely give you the results you seek.

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#4 –Jes Extender

penis pills

Overall Rating: B

Jes Extender is another proven penis extender, however a few people have reported that the noose on the end is very uncomfortable. Daily use seems to be a “not so fun” option, however it has been proven to increase size and help with curvature problems.

We don’t recommend buying the Jes Extender, when there are more comfortable penis extenders such as Pro Extender and SizeGenetics on the market.

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jelqdevice#5 – Jelq Device

Overall Rating: C-

Jelq Device is pretty much what it sounds like. It is a device that helps you do jelqing exercises. Though it all looks good on paper, we have come to the conclusion that its best to use an actual penis extender.

We have heard feedback of people using it for 2 months with only a little progress. The positives we have found are pretty minimal, however this is only based on a few accounts. If you are interested in trying jelqing techniques, this might be a good choice for you because it does help speed the process.

In general, jelqing can take many months to see results, so we can’t necessarily eliminate the Jelq Device as a worthy option. Anyways, you can visit the website and see for yourself.

UPDATE: The Jelq Device is No Longer Available…