Top Recommended Penis Enlargement Pills

Here are our Top Picks for Penis Enlargement Pills

VigRX Plus Pills – VigRX Plus

Overall Rating: A+

VigRX Plus – Our number one choice in the penis pill category is definitely VigRX Plus. There has been so much great feedback from this product, that it’s hard to believe.

VigRX, it’s predecessor was created back in 2000, and completely changed the way people looked at penis pills.

Now with their new and improved version, VigRX Plus, it’s a no-brainer why VigRX Plus is the best penis pill on the Market today.¬† They even offer a 67 day full money back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied!

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vimax-pills-2-pp#2 – Vimax

Overall Rating: A

Vimax pills are becoming increasingly popular, and have quite a bit of positive feedback as well.

Users have reported gains of over 2 inches in length and 25% increase in girth, however you MUST do the provided exercises!

While some of their claims on their website seem to be a bit exaggerated, the product has proved itself to be one of the absolute best pills on the market.

They also offer a 60 day money back guarantee, and even have a live chat and 800 number to contact them. Best of all, it is manufactured in an FDA-Approved Facility using only high-end ingredients.

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prosolution-pills-pp#3 – ProSolution Pills

Overall Rating: A-

ProSolution Pills are known to be a fast acting male enhancement supplement, and is endorsed by top doctors in the field.

ProSolution pills are also an “all-in-one” male enhancement pill in that it provides improved sex drive, quality of erections, semen volume, sexual stamina, timing & control, and ofcourse more confidence.

Now for the CRAZY PART! They actually offer you a 6-month guarantee to try their system! So, we recommend it solely on that aspect. The drawbacks is that ProSolution seems to give you less increase in penis size than VigRX Plus or Vimax, however, the price is well worth the results you get. Depending on your goals, ProSolution might be what you need.

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vigrx-pills-original-pp#4 – VigRX

Overall Rating: B+

VigRX Pills are one of the most trusted male enhancement pills in the industry. they have been on the Market since 2000 and have had an insane amount of positive feedback.

Thousands of men have used VigRX successfully worldwide. If you are weary of purchasing a male enhancement pill, this one is a safe bet. Backed by a 67 day money back guarantee and approved by medical doctors, its a good place to start.

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maxirex-pills#5 – Maxirex

Overall Rating: B-

Maxirex Pills are also one of the top contenders mainly because of price. They are approved by doctors, made in an FDA Approved facility, and offer a 60 day money back guarantee.

Just because of its cheap price, don’t discredit Maxirex’s effectiveness. We have found that Maxirex customers have increased their penis size by almost 1 full inch in only a month’s time. Why not try it for the 60 days and see?

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#6 – VP-RX

Overall Rating: C-

VP-RX believe it or not is a pretty decent penis pill. Feedback has suggested that as far as virility is concerned, it is at the top! Increased sexual drive, harder erections, increased stamina, and the list goes on.

However, We don’t suggest you buy VP-RX if your main goal is an increase in size. We do however strongly suggest it for someone looking to revive their sexual desire and overall performance.

VP-RX is also backed by the medical community and comes with a 67 day money back guarantee, so once again, if you don’t feel it lives up to its claims, just return it for your money back. While there are some people who claim to have size increases with VP-RX, its main use is an overall increase in sexual wellbeing.

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